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How to Make Your Website Run Faster

Your website is important to your brand. A slow, dragging website will make your brand seem unprofessional, so it’s important that your site is sleek, fast and does what people need it to. People will give up surprisingly quickly if a website is slow, so here are some ways you can speed it up.

Use reliable servers

While the customer’s internet speed plays a part in how quick your website loads, you also need to make sure you have reliable hosting. Using a data center in Thailand is a good way to ensure you have fast, reliable servers that are secure and will keep your website running when you need it.

Remove unnecessary content

One thing that really slows pages down is unnecessary content. While you may think it’ll help boost your site’s ranking or give you a way to track customer behaviours, you’re actually just alienating customers.

Some examples of things that can clog a website include:

  • Too much written content to scroll through
  • Oversized pictures
  • Autoplaying videos or animations
  • Plug ins
  • Adverts

Try to keep things simple on your website. This will mean people don’t have to wait ages for it to load and can simply find what they want straight away without the stress.

Thinks like plug-ins and adverts can help you track behaviour or make money, but if you overuse them, you can end up losing site visitors as they get so sick of the slow speed, they simply go elsewhere. Keep things simple and people are more likely to stay on the page.

Make it easy to navigate

Your website will also be a lot faster to use if you minimise the number of pages and make it easy to navigate. A lot of websites have unnecessary pages, like content that’s not relevant anymore, and all this does is make it more confusing for customers. If they search for something, they can end up getting out of date, irrelevant information, which can be bad for business. Make sure they can search or navigate where they need to go.

Your website is one of the first things a potential customer will see of your brand, which is why it’s so important that it’s professional. Speed is one of the key things that customers want from websites, along with ease of navigation, so keep things simple and your customers will thank you by staying on your page longer and potentially spending more money.

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