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Investigating Roller Coaster Accidents: An Overview

Few things in the world feel as thrilling as a roller coaster ride. With advancement in mechanics and tech, roller coasters have improved considerably, and there are rides that are a step ahead of the standard design. Unfortunately, roller coaster fails are not that rare either. While theme parks spend considerable time and effort in testing their rides before scheduled opening and during the course of operations, mishaps happen. In case of a roller coaster accident, it is extremely important to determine what may have caused the accident, because the consequences and implications of such an incident can be detrimental.

The case of wooden roller coasters

Steel is easily the most preferred choice for constructing roller coasters, but many enthusiasts and designers love the traditional sound of wooden roller coasters. While wooden roller coasters are not any less than the premier variants, things do go wrong. When a wooden model fails, it is important to know if the construction, quality of wood, or the design, is to be blamed for the incident. As designs get more complicated, with the intention of offering a better ride experience, the distribution of torque and force also changes. That often leads to an accident, which then must be studied in depth, to figure out what went wrong.

How are these fails evaluated?

There are companies that specialize in investigating different roller coaster incidents. It all typically starts with reviewing the specifications and early plans. This is followed by taking photographic evidence of the scene, so as to know the difference in pictures. Wooden roller coasters are often checked in parts, and tests are done to find if some of the existing components, such as wooden braces, had become weak due to extensive use, weathering, and other relevant factors. The distribution of force and power is also evaluated, and it is important to further check if the materials used in construction are in sync with the design.

Ensuring safety

Testing roller coasters from time to time is also important for finding if repairs can be done in time to prevent an incident. After an accident has been evaluated, these services further ensure that the repaired roller coaster is safe enough going ahead, and if additional steps are needed to further strengthen both performance and safety.

Check online to find companies that specialize in roller coaster accident investigation, and make sure that you hire one that has all the equipment, manpower and expertise for the job.

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